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  Dreams That Matter


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Dreams That Matter

Cold Day in San Francisco Bay 3:21
Matter of Time 4:49
Crying 4:17
Foggy San Francisco Night 4:31
Photographs Capture Stains 3:56
Over the Stationery 4:12
Keep it Real 2:42
Scattered Debris 3:19
Fly Me on Back 4:09
Come a Little Closer 5:19
Sayings 4:37
News Today 4:05
American Dream 3:39
60 Million Girls 4:09
La Sonrisa de Ayer 2:33

Dreams That Matter

Other Bitter Mystics Tunes

4:52 (Four Fifty-Two)
8 Months and Yesterday
A Little Bit Wiser
And That Was January
Another Day Goes By
Color the Sunrise
Crossing the Dateline
Elvis, Oh Elvis
Find Another Dreamer
Handsome Tony
Hold My Calls
I Can Hardly Wait
I Knew You In My Dreams
Lazy Afternoon
Mr. Bartender
Parking Space
Promises Lingered
Purple Velveteen
Silent Like a Ghost
Siren Song
Was It Yesterday

(recordings for these tunes are not currently available)

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