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Guitars, percussion, bass, violin and vocals support an amazing array of original songs that reflect American musical styles from the Carter Family to REM, with just a soupcon of... Patsy Cline. The harmonies of singers Lisa Safran and Misha Safran are simply breathtaking.
- Noe Valley Farmer's Market

The harmonies sound free and winsome and thus very pleasurable to listen to and the lyrics have a very nice range from the cryptically artistic to clever observations. What sets many singer-songwriters apart from the crowd is the ability to generate true propulsion in their music. Bitter Mystics do a very nice job of not only supporting the lyrics and melody, but also moving the song from here to there.
- Philip Wright KVMR-FM Nevada City, CA

Hier haben wir es mal wieder mit einer der Bands zu tun, die im Netz erst mal nicht viel von sich verraten. Bitter Mystics spielen angenehmen Folkrock, von zwei Frauen gesungen. Von den Liedern ihres bei Jamendo veröffentlichten Albums ausgehend, würde ich sie nach San Francisco schicken. Denn (wunderschönes Lied) sowas wie Cold Day in San Francisco Bay deuten doch arg nach Kalifornien. Musikalisch ist das alles nicht die Neuerfindung des Genres. Und zuweilen merkt man den Aufnahmen auch noch kleine Unsicherheiten an. Aber auf jeden Fall sind die Lieder gut zu hören - und sie passen zum sonnigen Wetter draußen vor dem Fenster....
- Folkrock am Freitag: Bitter Mystics
  freitag, den 23. april 2010 um 14:42 uhr

"i luv the song 'photos capture stains' ... it's a song for all generations and has a very classy feel ... and the lyrics made me feel like i was watching a movie."
- Reverbnation Fan (May 17, 2010)

Superbe! * * * * * 10 out of 10
Un trés trés bon album, quelque part entre pop et folk. J'aime et je l'écoute en boucle en ce moment!
Allez je partage sur FB, tellement c'est bien!
- zb1000 - jamendo.com

Very Impressed * * * * * 5.0 out of 5 stars
This review is from: Dreams that Matter (Audio CD) Bitter Mystics put out one heck of a great first CD. If you listen to the words and the stories they tell, you will experience the deep meanings placed into the songs by author Lisa Safran. Or you can listen to the melodic tunes in the smokey blues/country style. Or do both and have an incredible experience. I have had this CD for almost a month, and listen to it about twice a week or more. Check it out.
- Cliff Gerstman "I love music" (California) - June 24, 2010

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